After a while, the sealant on your tile and grout becomes less effective and your flooring will discolour. However, cleaning tiles and grout is

Dirty floors can leave a bad first impression on anyone who walks through your doors. Regular cleaning can keep tiles and grout relatively clean, but only a deep-clean using the right products will you’re your floors that ‘good as new’ finish.

However, it is vital that you choose the right products when cleaning your floors. Although your tiling is sturdy enough to handle daily foot traffic, the wrong cleaning solution can still cause damage. For these reasons, it’s best to leave deep cleanses to the professionals who have extensive knowledge on proper cleaning products.

Qualities of the Right Cleaning Solution

Different tile materials need different responses but there are a few consistent qualities to the best cleaning solutions. Many store-bought cleaning solutions are highly chemical and acidic which can stain and corrode your tiles and grout. Professional tile cleaners utilize products that are pH-neutral to avoid these problems.

Natural cleaning products are a must for your home. Highly chemical cleaning solutions can be absorbed into your skin on contact and affect the air quality of your home. This is especially important for homes where children, pets, or the elderly reside.

You should also consider the surface of your tiles as certain products can harm the unique texture of your floors. Polished tiles only require surface maintenance such as vacuuming and sweeping while textured tiles require more work. With textured tiles, you must thoroughly clear the surface of dirt and debris, so your cleaning solution is completely covering your floors.

Sealing Products for Grout

Grout is generally more porous than tiling and is often where contaminants collect in your floors. Applying a sealed layer to the top of newly installed grout will prevent it from staining in the future. Make sure your hired professional is using a solvent sealant on your grout lines.

Benefits of Seeking Professional Tile Cleaning

Avoid the stress of wondering if you’ve chosen the right brush, solution, and sealant by hiring a professional tile cleaning service. They do all the research for you and restore your floors to their pristine condition without risk of damage.


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