Bluestone Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

We provide professional Bluestone cleaning services in Mornington Peninsula

Bluestone Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

Owning bluestone tiles is a special thing. Its unique texture and beauty make it the perfect product for both residential and commercial use. However, when a tile material is so closely tied to its specific color, stains and contaminants hurt it even more. Our team is well equipped to restore Victoria bluestone to its original, sleek appearance. 

We have high-pressure steam cleaners to extract stains and contaminants that are diminishing the beauty of your bluestone. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are completely safe for the environment and produce results that far outshine store-bought counterparts.  So call us today to book a professional Bluestone cleaning service in Mornington Peninsula.

Bluestone Cleaning & Sealing Mornington Peninsula

Bluestone is known for being highly durable, non-slip, and even rust resistant. Due to its use in the commercial and entertainment sectors, it is vitally important to apply a sealer for an added layer of protection. Our solventsealant prevents liquids and dirt from entering the pores of your floors. We also ensure we are using the correct sealant for your tile material for the longest-lasting protection.



Our seasoned team will review the condition of your tiling and create an appropriate treatment plan.

Soil Removal

The surface of your tiling is vacuumed and wiped down to allow for full contact cleaning.

Soil Suspension

Our specialized cleaning solutions are applied thoroughly over your tiles.


Once the cleaning solution has set and pulled extracted the impurities, we perform a complete clean with our truck mounted equipment.

Grout Sealing

Once the cleaning process has finished, we will then seal the grout protecting them from further dirt.


After completion, we check the entire area for anything we might have missed to ensure your complete satisfaction.