Sandstone Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

We provide professional Sandstone Cleaning services in Mornington Peninsula

Sandstone Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

We offer professional sandstone cleaning services to the Mornington Peninsula guaranteed to repair the scratches, cracks, and stains that are ruining your stone. Oftentimes, damage to sandstone occurs from frequent pressure causes thousands of micro-scratches to form. This makes your stone appear worn and tired over time. Our team of experts uses cutting edge techniques and equipment to return a clean finish to your sandstone.

Our specialized cleaning solvents penetrate deep to remove long-set stains in your flooring. We use van mounted, high pressure equipment to bring you the most polished result possible. This combination of cleaning solution and power tools will make your sandstone tiles impress all who see them. So call us today to book a professional Sandstone cleaning service in Mornington Peninsula

Sandstone Sealing Mornington Peninsula

Sandstone is possibly the most porous tile material used today. This means that rain, spills, and even condensation can cause damage much faster to it than other types of tiles. It’s extremely porous nature lower sandstone’s density and causes it to be more prone to scratches.

With these issues in mind, we use acid-free sealants that create a protective shield against impacts, scrapes, and liquid residue. It is also fully transparent so you can continue to enjoy the elegant appearance sandstone is known for.

Our Sandstone Floor Cleaning Process


Our experts will go over the final appearance you want from your sandstone and formulate a plan to get you there.

Soil Removal

The surface of your tiling is vacuumed and wiped down to allow for full contact cleaning.

Soil Suspension

Our specialized cleaning solutions are applied thoroughly over your tiles.


Our industrial strength cleaning products and van-mounted tools perfectly remove the toughest stains from your sandstone.

Grout Sealing

Depending on your preferred aesthetic, we seal your sandstone with a deep penetrating or topical sealant.


We will assess the final state of your sandstone to ensure it is everything you wanted.