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Grout Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

We provide professional Grout Cleaning Services in Mornington Peninsula

Grout Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

Grout is a mixture of sand, water, and cement that plugs the gaps between tiles. Normally white, it is highly porous and stains quite easily. Leaving your grout untreated will diminish the overall appearance of your floors even if you frequently wipe down the surrounding tiles.

Our seasoned team of grout cleaners employ high-pressure machines to flush out contaminants from your grout. The liquid is then sucked up into a powerful vacuum leaving only the pure white of your original grout. We consider the type of tiling your grout is binding as certain solvents and tools can scratch or stain them. It is this level of commitment to perfection that has made Tile Cleaning Mornington Peninsula one of the most trustworthy cleaning services in Victoria. So call us today to book a professional grout cleaning service in Mornington Peninsula

Grout Sealing Mornington Peninsula

We use a deep penetrating sealant to fill the pores of your grout without affecting its color. This method provides a transparent seal that prevents staining and also keeps the grout from being damaged from foot traffic. Whether it is in your kitchen, on the patio, or lining your pool, our sealant shields your grout against anything you throw at it.



We appraise the condition of your grout and surrounding tile to determine the perfect treatment plan.

Soil Removal

The surface of your tiling is vacuumed and wiped down to allow for full contact cleaning.

Soil Suspension

Our specialized cleaning solutions are applied thoroughly over your tiles.


Once the cleaning solution has set and pulled extracted the impurities, we perform a complete clean with our truck mounted equipment.

Grout Sealing

Once the cleaning process has finished, we will then seal the grout protecting them from further dirt.


After completion, we check the entire area for anything we might have missed to ensure your complete satisfaction.