Store bought cleaning products run the risk of harming your tiling and are probably not strong enough to remove deep-set stains. For the best results, rely on a professional cleaning service with the knowledge and equipment to get the job done right.

Cracked Grout and Tile

If your grout has any air gaps left from installation, it can cave in and leave unseemly cracks in your floors. However, cracks can also occur if the base flooring beneath your tiles isn’t densely packed enough. Should this base layer shift, then your tiles could move and crack both the tiles and the grout.

Discolouration in Grout and Tile

As mentioned before, grout and tile are normally sealed after installation, but this seal doesn’t last forever. Due to how porous grout is, it easily absorbs contaminants and is prone to staining. The same is true, to a lesser extent, for most tile materials.

If your floor takes on a hazy surface appearance, this most likely means that an incorrect solution has been used on it. It is imperative that you clean this solution off as soon as you notice to prevent further damage. Professional cleaning services know how to quickly remedy this problem and service your floors correctly afterwards.

Connection Between Dirty Floors and Your Health

Your tiles, especially your grout, can trap bacteria and contaminants for years. This gives rise to potential health risks such as allergy attacks, lung problems, salmonella, and in extreme cases, E. coli. Keeping your flooring clean will maintain your health and is vital for any home with children, pets, or the elderly.

Why to Call Professional Cleaners

On top of being able to notice problems that homeowners can’t, professional cleaners bring a litany of benefits. They are prepared for any situation with various high-powered tools and can avoid damaging your floors during the cleaning process. They also reapply the sealants and finishes that return your tiles to their freshly installed appearance.


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