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Proper bathroom cleaning entails more than wiping your mirror and organizing skin care products. Depending on the material of your bathroom counters and floors, you may notice brownish stains appearing over time. This is due to exposure to water from your shower, and yes, your toilet as well.

You want to take care of these stains as soon as you notice them as delaying cleaning can exacerbate the problem. If you lack the time or confidence to deep clean your home’s bathrooms, then hiring a professional cleaning service is a great alternative.

Keep your Bathroom Looking Like New

If you plan on deep cleaning your bathrooms yourself, then you need to know how to pick out the correct cleaning products. Using the wrong solutions can do more harm than good as acidic mixtures can discolor and eat away at grout.

Regularly performing quick and easy tasks will bring great results to your bathroom and extend the time between deep cleaning sessions. A few things you can start doing today are:

  1. Dry off residual moisture from your floors and shower
  2. Wipe down your mirror and sink
  3. Scrub countertops to remove toothpaste or beauty product spillage

Grout can prove difficult to restore, so it’s best to take preemptive measures.

Mix baking soda with water to make a paste and brush it into the grout. Doing this each week will prevent stains from setting too deep and becoming a bigger problem in the future. Vinegar spray is another option as long as you as completely wipe it away afterwards. Extended exposure to vinegar can damage your grout.

Professional Bathroom and Grout Cleaning

If the stains and buildup of your bathroom’s problems have become too much for you to handle alone, then consider calling us for professional help. We utilize safe and powerful cleaning variants to return your bathroom to its original state. Once this is done, simply following the preventative steps listed above will keep your bathroom in a presentable state for a long time.


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